Speak, So That I May See You

This is the result of what was a promising 2020 😂 🤷 😭  A nice bunch of Berliner expats that sought to make the world a better place, while disrupting the market of live-streaming. But reality hit hard and everything went south; Dive was born.

As you may know,  sometimes things you imagine are only working inside your head, but not in practice. Well, this was our previous idea, we were in love with it - but love blinds you

We tried hard, a 1000x times, yet no success. We were talking about it with people, with friends, with anyone we knew; searching for answers. We talked a lot, for hours, through nights; thinking, scrambling and designing. At some moment it clicked. Not only did we understand what we were doing wrong, but also what we had to do next.

The revelation 🤯  A nice honest talk can change the way you think, it can shape your ideas, your decisions, and your actions. It can change your life (just as it changed ours).

And so we’d like to introduce our new concept - Social Audio Space.

A Social Audio Space is a mix between a forum, a podcast and a tech conference - we want people to connect and exchange insights; build trust and collaborate on ideas. Every member has a chance to speak, pose questions or just listen in on conversations that offer a different perspective. 

You’ll be able to create rooms to talk, find conversations by topic, drop into rooms and listen. You can raise your hand and speak up. You can collaborate on ideas, and make every talk a potential inception point for the next billion dollar company. 

Screens are cluttering our minds, connecting us, but it's still a struggle to bond for real. We think simple audio conversations will solve this, but only if you talk to people you know and people you trust. That’s the reason that Dive is born as an exclusive invite-only community, for trusted members to join. 

Our vision is a connected world, with flowing conversations, where ideas resonate continuously through an ever-evolving community, solving any challenge on it’s way.

Dive into the world.

Carrot, Fernanda, K, French-boy, Steak and The crazy intern.